This Touching Baltimore Indian Wedding!

September 3, 2023

September 1, 2023: Haldi & Mehendi Ceremonies

Dive into tradition as Ryan Young captured the vibrant hues and joyous moments of the Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies. From turmeric blessings to intricate henna designs, every detail is immortalized with finesse and flair.

September 2, 2023: Sangeet at Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

At the luxurious Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, the Sangeet comes alive with music, dance, and heartfelt moments. From intimate portraits to lively dance floors, we encapsulate the essence of celebration in every frame.

September 3, 2023: Wedding Day Extravaganza

The grand finale unfolds at Marriott Waterfront, where love takes center stage. From preparation to farewells, our lenses seize every emotion, ensuring that memories are preserved for eternity. The entire weekend was expertly planned to meticulous detail by the wonderful Claire Morville of Ace of Events!

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