Two Joyous Families Unite At This Hindu Wedding

August 26, 2023

In the heart of New Jersey, we had the honor of documenting a wedding that was nothing short of a fairy tale. Orchestrated by the brilliant Sagina Wahi of SW Events and captured through the lens of our associate photographer Ryan Young, this celebration was a testament to love’s enduring beauty.

The prelude to the union, the Sangeet, took place at the Indian Cultural Center, where family and friends gathered to kick off the celebrations. The evening was a symphony of family photos, heartfelt introductions, and a series of performances that set the stage for the traditional Garba and Raas, leading to an exuberant open dance floor.

The Wedding Day: A Tapestry of Traditions 

As dawn broke at Lucien’s Manor on August 26, 2023, the day unfolded with a series of cherished moments. From the ‘first look’ that sparked tears of joy to the vibrant Baraat that brought everyone to their feet, each moment was meticulously captured. The Milni ceremony bridged families, and the sacred vows exchanged during the ceremony sealed the promise of a lifetime.

The day continued with group photos and the poignant Vidaii, marking the bride’s farewell to her family. After a brief interlude, the evening resumed with portraits that captured the couple’s glow in the golden hour light.

An Evening of Revelry The night came alive with cocktail hour, family photos, and the bridal party’s laughter echoing through Lucien’s Manor. The reception was a cascade of emotions with introductions, dances, speeches, and a Same Day Edit that brought the day’s highlights to life. The celebration peaked with a sparkler exit, a radiant end to a day filled with love and joy.

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