An Indian-Fusion Wedding at The Marigold

February 26, 2023

Capturing Rima and Matthew’s Love Journey

Nestled in Somerset, New Jersey, Michael Mason embarked on a captivating journey to capture the essence of a beautiful wedding celebration.

Kicking off the festivities, the Bride’s Mehndi night unfolded at Fairfield Inn & Suites, a canvas of intricate designs and joyful anticipation. Our skilled photographer expertly captured the bride’s adorned hands as they became vibrant works of art.

Moving to Aashirwad Palace, the Mehndi ceremony burst with color and laughter. From playful moments between the couple to the detailed henna designs, every aspect was skillfully preserved by our team.

At the Grah Shanti ceremony, tranquility filled the air as ancient rituals and blessings enveloped the couple. Our lenses seized upon these serene moments, reflecting the couple’s inner peace and joy.

As the wedding day dawned, The Marigold bloomed into a haven of love and celebration. From the tender first look to the exuberant reception brunch, each moment epitomized the couple’s unique love story.

Through our photographs and films, we didn’t just document an event; we captured the raw emotions and fleeting moments that make weddings truly magical. These memories, immortalized in pixels and frames, will be treasured for a lifetime.

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